Scientific Board

The Atriva Scientific Board

Prof. Oliver Planz, Ph.D. (Chair)

Universität D-Tübingen, Co-inventor of the technology, expert in antiviral research und translational preclinical R&D up to clinical studies. Advises the WHO on antiviral strategies against influenza.

Prof. Stephan Ludwig, Ph.D., Board Member, Universität D-Münster

Head of Institute of Molecular Virology at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany. Co-inventor of the technology, globally renowned expert in influenza virus-cell interactions. Over 150 scientific publications and more than 10 patents.

Prof. Stephan Pleschka, Ph.D.

Universität D-Gießen, Co-inventor of the technology. Expert in replication, infection and cell-virus interactions of the influenza virus. Advisor to biotech companies.