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Scientific Board

The Atriva Scientific Board

Prof. Oliver Planz, Ph.D.,
Chair of Scientific Board

Co-inventor of the technology, expert in antiviral research and translational preclinical R&D up to clinical studies. Advises the WHO on antiviral strategies against influenza. More than 150 publications and over 40 patents

Prof. Stephan Ludwig, Ph.D., Board Member, Universität Münster (D)

Head of Institute of Molecular Virology at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany. Co-inventor of the technology, globally renowned expert in influenza virus-cell interactions. Over 250 scientific publications and more than 15 patents.

Prof. Stephan Pleschka, Ph.D.

Universität Gießen (D), Co-inventor of the technology. Expert in replication, infection and cell-virus interactions of the influenza virus. Advisor to biotech companies.

Frans van Dalen,
Director of Meneldor B.V.

Project Management, QA/QP, R&D and Regulatory Affairs experience of more than 25 years regarding global development of generics, biosimilars and New Biological Entities (NBE). More than 25 patents. Co-founder of Synthon Inc.