Atriva Therapeutics, founded in 2015, is a biopharmaceutical company specifically pioneering the development of host-targeting antiviral therapies set up by a team of leading scientists in viral research and seasoned industry experts. The Company aims to develop new antiviral therapies against different severe respiratory viral infections with a high unmet medical need, such as influenza and COVID-19.

Atriva’s lead product ATR-002 is a first-in-class host-targeting agent which inhibits viral replication in influenza and favorably modulates the body’s immune response. ATR-002 is under clinical development in influenza and has successfully completed a Phase I trial to demonstrate safety and tolerability in healthy subjects (NCT04385420). A Phase II study to evaluate efficacy in hospitalized COVID-19 patients is in preparation and due to commence in July 2020; a Phase II study in influenza is planned to start in early 2021.

Its mechanism of action with a dual benefit – antiviral activity and immunomodulation – uniquely positions ATR-002 as a promising therapeutic candidate which holds strong potential in the current COVID-19 pandemic. The small molecule could prevent a cytokine storm and the associated disease progression to a life-threatening condition in patients with COVID-19. Treating moderately to severely-sick patients aims to reduce the number of critically ill people, otherwise referred to ICUs and requiring more invasive treatment options. This could fundamentally impact COVID-19 outcomes and can be vital for national health systems, patients and families.

Atriva Therapeutics owns eleven patent families with broad international coverage related to the use of MEK inhibitors and other kinase inhibitors for anti-viral therapies. The patent life runs through 2041. The Company is located in Tübingen and Frankfurt, Germany.





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